For almost five years, our primary mission was to collect donations of clothing, sleeping bags and other aid which in turn, was sent to France, Greece and the Aegean Islands to support refugees displaced in these areas. Sadly, 2020 has at times, ground our work to a halt and at best, slowed it down dramatically. No longer can our volunteers take regular van loads to Calais and aid sent further into Europe has also been less frequent.

Although we always hated to see perfectly useful equipment abandoned at festivals, we loved the fact that we could collect van loads up to send to refugees, helping them to stay warm and dry a little longer. This has not been possible this year.

We’ve had to find another way.

In order to keep helping refugees around Europe, our primary aim is now raising funds to enable our friends in France, Greece and the Islands to buy goods locally. Below are some examples of what your donations could go towards:

  • £5: set of woollies or a selection of dry food snacks
  • £10: baby care kit of a month’s supply of nappies
  • £12: tent for two refugees
  • £13: complete outfit, including underwear
  • £20: pair of walking boots or a winter coat

No amount too small, every penny raised can be put towards items essential to keeping refugees fed and warm.

If you’d like to set up a monthly donation, please tick the box when completing the donate form. If you are a UK tax payer, please contact us for a gift aid form. All funds received will be much appreciated and will go towards helping refugees both locally and abroad.