How You Can Get Involved

You might not have the time to volunteer with us but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in other ways. Here are just a few of the ways how:

Our initial aims are to provide some degree of comfort to refugees living long term in tents in France, Belgium and Greece. Tents, roll mats, sleeping bags and practical, season appropriate clothing are high up on the list. Updated lists from organisations we connect with can be found here.

Refugees settling in Hull have often arrived with nothing but the clothes on their back. They will need clothes, bedding and other household items. We don’t currently have storage space to take in furniture but can sometimes match up donations with people who need them.

Other good quality, clean donations not needed by refugees are sold at markets to raise funds for getting vital aid to where it’s needed.

Donations can be made through our donate button on our Facebook page or by clicking the PayPal button below. Please contact us if you’d rather set up a monthly direct debit.

In the summer, after festival salvage days, we have hundreds of sleeping bags to be washed. These can be collected and dropped off at the Avenues Centre at given times, or we can drop off locally if you don’t have transport. Whether you can manage one sleeping bag or twenty, it all helps. Please contact us for details.

Some organisations kindly act as drop off points for donations. Do you have some spare space and a willingness to take in donations at times of your choice? We collect donations from drop off points as often as necessary. We already have several points in the city centre and West Hull but would appreciate locations in East Hull and further afield. Please contact us if you think your organisation could provide this service.

Whether it’s a fundraising coffee morning, or a sponsored challenge, it’s always much appreciated. You’ll have the option of funds going towards general HHfR based causes or you can choose specific needs where you’d like the money to be spent.

Aside from funds, you could arrange a get together with friends to collect a specific type of aid, such as warm socks or sanitary products.

If you’re doing a fundraiser for Hull Help for Refugees, get in touch and we’ll help to promote it through our social media channels.

Some of the friends of Hull Help for Refugees help by baking cakes for our stalls as well as making things for us to sell. Knitted hats and blankets can also be sent to babies and young children in refugee camps abroad.

Non-food items can be taken to our drop off points but get in touch to make arrangements for edible items.

Help to spread the word that refugees are welcome and need legal ways to reach safety. Refugees have a lot to contribute to our society, make this known by speaking to friends and family and sharing information on social media.

Our Values

At HHfR, we have witnessed the power of the collective and we are able to help purely down to the goodwill and generosity of the people of Hull and the surrounding areas. Although the scale and sheer enormity of the crisis can often be overwhelming, we firmly believe that every human being deserves dignity, empathy, compassion and respect. We also believe that when individuals work together, no matter how small the gesture, we can make a difference.

Change a Life Today

There are many ways in which you can help out, from donating clothing, and housewares to volunteering with us or holding fundraiser events. Every gesture, no matter how small, can really change someone’s life for the better.

Contact Us

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on the email address below or by filling in the contact form. We are available at the drop-off point listed below every Saturday at 10am to 11.30am.

Hull Help For Refugees
314 Staveley Road,
(Old Wood Recycling Site),
Bilton Grange,
East Yorkshire,