We need YOU to get sponsored in YOUR OWN challenge!
Join us raising funds for tents for refugees in Calais.
Here is how it works.

You accumulate MILES at any point over the 5 weeks by clocking up time spent doing what you enjoy: cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, yoga, even KNITTING!

Twenty minutes of one activity = 1 MILE

Start by getting yourself a sponsorship page on GOLDEN GIVING choosing CARE4CALAIS as the cause. Set your goal: it can be a big impressive one or quite modest. It doesn’t matter.

When you’re set up, or if you need help setting up, contact us to let us know and we’ll add you to the GROUP FUNDRAISING PAGE

By joining the group we get to accumulate lots and lots of miles together. Plus you will have the option of joining the messenger group to share your stories and pictures, and to get help as needed. You also get the opportunity to join in Zoom calls to keep spirits up and answer any questions.

Once you have your sponsorship page up and running and it is joined to the group one, then it’s time to TELL EVERYONE and ask them to sponsor you!

Join us! How far can we get together?