Due to changes beyond our control, we are having to move from the Avenues Centre that has accommodated our storage and sorting for the last few years. We’ve managed to find a temporary location for our pop-up clothing distribution point to keep us going until the our location is ready.

As you can imagine, moving during a pandemic is not easy but in true HHfR style, we rose to the challenge. Our team members took on different roles, sticking to their allocated rooms to move items to the car park. The drivers then packed their vehicles and drove to the pop-up venue to be met by another team on location. Items were then unpacked, sorted and displayed, ready for access. As usual, all completed with that atmosphere of camaraderie and fun, that has not been lost despite physical separation.

Our temporary venue, will enable those living in the city centre hotel to access donated clothing.  Refugees often have only the clothes they travelled in as they fled from war, persecution and often being forced against their wishes to take part in violence.

We would like to think that this will show that our city of sanctuary, the people of Hull and surrounding districts, welcomes those who need us.