Sorting the items that have been donated is one of our main tasks.

Every week the generous people of Hull and the surrounding areas drop off bags and boxes of clothes, camping equipment, food and other items. Everything need to be carefully sorted and packed into boxes to ensure we only send useful, good quality items, and do not make more work for volunteers working in Calais or Greece, or leave them with rubbish to dispose of.

We would love you to join us. Our usual sorting times are listed on the right, any changes or cancellations will be put on our facebook page.

Tasks involved in sorting donated items

Our new premises are at the Avenues Centre, Park Avenue, HU5 4DA, where we have a sorting room and 3 storage rooms. 

Current sorting times are Saturday 10am-12pm, Monday 9.30-11.30 am & Thursday evening 6.30-8.30 pm. Any changes will be announced on our facebook page. You can also drop off donations at these times. If you haven't been before please let us know you are coming, as the door is usually locked.

Before you begin, please sign the volunteer form. You can download one from this site, or sign one when you come to your first sorting session.

  • Sorting clothes.
    Clothes are separated into Men's, Women's and Children's around the sides of the room, and labelled according to type of garment and size - small/medium and large.
    Stained, dirty, worn-out or torn items are not suitable. Please put them in the RAGS section or the TO WASH box.
    If items are not appropriate i.e. high heel shoes, skimpy or impractical ‘fashion’ outfits, items displaying inappropriate/ disrespectful symbols etc, then they are to be put into the car boot section of the room, not the boxes.
    All shoes must be fastened together either by their own ties and straps or by elastic bands.
  • Sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows, towels and tea towels have their own boxes. Duvets, towels & sheets usually go to hostels etc. in the city.
  • Toys go to the car boot section as they are not currently needed, except ART SUPPLIES, which have their own box.
  • Making up & closing boxes.
    Some boxes have 'explosive materials' symbols on them, which need to be covered up with paint or parcel tape.
    Sealed boxes must have the contents written clearly on the top and all four sides.
    Full bags or boxes are moved to the storage rooms, but please do not injure yourself! Leave them if they are too heavy.
    Do not overfill boxes, or use damaged ones. Replace full boxes with empty ones.

Some items are suitable for Calais and some for Greece, and the needs are constantly changing so we sometimes have to re-sort. If in any doubt about whether something is suitable or where to put things, please ask.