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June 2017

Written by MB

HHrR is working with Abid Pervez and the Calais Refugee Aid Team to get many much-needed supplies to Calais and Greece. A van-load of food and other supplies is shortly to go to Abid to be distributed wherever it is most needed. Thanks to everyone who donated to this appeal, especially the Church of Latter Day Saints who brought three car loads full and stayed to help sort and pack it! We will be sending lots of oil, milk, rice, salt, tinned veg and pulses, and other needed items such as nappies, sleeping bags and medical supplies.




We have also made up gift bags for individual children and are sending boxes of toys and art & craft stuff for them, for their end of Eid celebrations.


The need to provide good nutritious meals and sleeping equipment to displaced people is always present here in Hull and on the continent so we are always accepting donations for these sorts of items.

As I write this, our regular volunteer Juliet Molteno is cycling to Athens to raise money for Khora, a co-operative made up of volunteers from all over the world, including the local Greek community, the refugee community and other international volunteers. Their community centre in Athens provides not only basic needs such as free nutritious food, warm clothing and access to dental care, but also social needs such as education, child care, access to information and a safe space to build relationships and relax. So far she has raised over £1200, but donations are still being accepted! We're very proud of Juliet and her Thighs of Steel.

Open road seen through hands on bike handles

On Wednesday 28th, journalist and writer Shaista Aziz gave a talk at Truth Juice to raise money for HHfR. Thank you so much to Shaista and the organisrs for a wonderful and inspiring evening. "If we do not feel rage at what is going on in the world, then there is something wrong."

Shaista Aziz, Gill Kennet & ? holding a cheque between them

And coming up in July, on Sunday the 23rd, is a garden party hosted by Majorie Brabazon! Contact us for tickets - or if you have an idea for a fundraising event of your own!

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