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Who is a HHfR Volunteer?

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Well, the simple answer is that I guess we fit the following criteria:

  • They understand that they have a lifetime of skills, knowledge and experience that they bring to HHfR which enables them to offer their own unique input to the group.
  • They either have or don’t have an understanding of the political reasons that counties are fighting and bombing each other and creating such turmoil, heartache and loss for innocent people. They do however totally recognise that despite the reasons, support and help is urgently, indeed desperately needed.
  • Are politically active or not politically active in their community.
  • Have a faith or belief system or do not have either or any of these.
  • Realise very quickly that they are meeting people from so many walks of life and widening their horizons.
  • Understand that the contribution they make can be as large or small as they can commit to and that this often varies due to their own ever changing situations and also due to the needs of HHfR at any given time.
  • Like to work as part of a large team or don’t want to do this. The various jobs that are required at HHfR can accommodate us all.
  • Like to take the lead on ideas and innovative projects within HHfR or have no interest in this and are happy to join in and support the latest project.
  • Realise that this is a huge, continually changing challenge and we are all on a huge ‘learning curve’. Mistakes are not made, they are learning experiences.
  • Find out more about volunteering with HHfR

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