Help us raise funds

When if comes to fundraising, HHfR has the same ethos as with volunteers: people can basically ‘just get on with it’! If it involves a commitment from others in the group, it is ‘floated' on messenger and those who are able to support it do so.

This happens with our car boot sales, on Walton Street and Hull Kingston Rovers car park and our stall at the monthly Fruit Market near Hull Marina as well as our Christmas Fairs and Summer fêtes. Some people can spend the whole day at these events, others perhaps part of the day, or help setting up or baking and cooking for the event. Not everyone wants to be Father Christmas or an Elf, some like to be helping out behind the scenes! The items we sell are donated by the people of Hull and surrounding areas, and we also have someone who puts items on ebay for us.

If people from Hull and surrounding areas have an idea, they may let us know the event is happening and ask us along, or we might just receive a donation from them. For instance Ella Street, renowned for its community, has held fundraising cake and coffee afternoons in the summer -- of course we dash down there if cake is involved!

We welcome children to support us as well. You can never be too young to be part of something that shows humanity and challenges the media manipulation that results in the devaluing of our brothers and sisters on this planet. We have had a young supporter, Macy, who had her hair cut and donated it to a children’s cancer charity. Her Mum put out a request for people to sponsor her and she raised over £600 for HHfR.

In January 2017 Sam Fowler donated some of the proceeds of her art show, and a music event of amazing local talent was held at Kardomah94. A ukulele evening last May raised a considerable sum and the Middle Child Theatre company collected a total of £878.89 at the end of their pantomime performances.

If you have an idea for an event, or would like to promote an event you are organising for HHfR, please contact us here, or on Facebook.