Donate Items

From tents and prams to food and pans. We frequently update the list of what we are collecting based on the information we receive directly from the camps. Whilst most of our donations will go to refugees, we are very careful to only send items that are needed. Any items that we receive which are not required are distributed to local charities or sold to raise funds, to ensure nothing goes to waste.

See the items we need and the drop-off points below.

Items we need


Small and medium adult clothes (especially men's) | Sturdy winter shoes and boots up to size 42 | Waterproof coats | Women's leggings | New Men's and Women's underwear


Cooking oil | Sugar | Salt | Tea | Coffee | Tins of tomatoes | Lentils | Cumin | Cracked wheat | Oats | Golden syrup | Tinned kidney & butter beans

Other items

Tents | Size 6 nappies | Wipes | Buggies | Sleeping bags | Blankets | Personal care products | rucksacks